Saturday, February 28, 2009


AMCMOBILE Penyedia server topup yang TERCANGGIH di Malaysia. Server yang sudah terbuktikan tiada tandingannya jika dibandingkan dengan server-server yang sedia ada di Malaysia. Server topup AMCMOBILE ternyata paling mantap dari segi kemudahan, kecepatan, ketepatan, dan kecanggihanya.
Antara ciri yang menjadi kebanggan kami ialah kebolehan server kami untuk :
1. SMS yg diterima melebihi 10 minit tidak diproses
2. Menyemak baki akaun.
3. Ada no. resit dan disertakan bersama jawapan Transaksi
4. Penarikan semula modal yg tersalah masuk.
5. Boleh buat Jualan kpd no. H/phone sama dgn nilai yg
sama tiada Limit dlm masa sehari.
6. Boleh transfer modal dengan nilai sen di belakang.
7. Format jualan lebih ringkas.
8. Boleh semak TRX Downline.
9. Penambahan modal Downline boleh kami
uruskan atau Anda sendiri.
Jual Topup Maxis, Celcom & Digi Serendah RM3.00, perolehi keuntungan jualan sehingga 10%. Keuntungan jualan dibayar terus ke akaun topup Anda.
Buat masa ini hanya no. Maxis & Celcom sahaja diterima untuk pendaftaran kerana server syarikat adalah Maxis & Celcom. Server pantas & cantik. Tiada caj tambahan dan tiada syarat-syarat dikenakan. Yuran pendaftaran mengikut pakej yang anda kehendaki. Kami menyediakan kemudahan MAYBANK & CIMB Bank untuk anda menambah modal.BAGAIMANA SYSTEM BERFUNGSI

Fun, EASY, Cheaper, anytime, anyWHERE !


Ereload is the best way to sell topup because it was cheaper to sell from a card. Ereload is the sms topup system. customers just type with kod command, in a short period you have to sell topup to your customers.

Are you interesting in selling Topup Prepaid from RM3.00?

Selling Topup Maxis & Celcom as low as RM3.00, so you can get profit selling 5%. Benefits of goods continue to be paid account Mobile Biz Amcreload you.

If you are small business, simple or large, IPTA or prosecutor or any college only the income you want to add, do not remove the opportunity for this is with some certainty that the rather promising income for you or at least for their own purposes. The beginning of a low capital to start in commerce.

Make this the only num. Maxis & Celcom only accepted for registration because the server is Maxis & Celcom company. Server & pretty reasonable. No charge and no additional requirements apply. registration under pakej that you want. We provide ease of Maybank & CIMB Bank to increase your capital.



NO NEED To sponsor!

NO NEED maintain merchandise!


About Amcreload

Amcreload is Not MLM or Multilevel Marketing.

Running Amcreload FLEXI autoreload system that operates 24 hours a year days/365. 'Direct Biz' consept where you do not need to search for the downline high earning. System that is flexible, easy to sell and can top up everywhere, and when-no matter if the period of time. Had no minimum add to your capital. (Capital's ability to follow you) need only have a mobile phone and SMS functions in your control system SMS.

Try it, you will satisfi.

Amcreload Mobile Biz - Why You Keep Choosing Us?

* capital expertise cheaper
* No need to upgrade skills
* No annual paying
* All can be involved in this commerce
* Revenue in 'real time', no need to wait
* Best & service Server fast
* Measure the benefits of the highest (so 5.0%)
service * Top Up 24
* Reload necessarily (Autoreload)
* No need premise commerce - Manage only through your mobile phone.
* SMS minimum charges with only 1 Mon, 10 Active, 8 XPAX & FRIENDS 20 - Sever Maxis / Celcom
* No need of workers - everything you own managment
* Business everywhere only - Mobile Biz
* You do not need to save the stock topup card
* Assistance via phone or device submission is continuously
* Not a quick-rich scheme
* Not MLM or Multilevel Marketing
* Not using a pyramid system.
* No need to maintain merchandise
* Benefits merchandise.
* There is no additional charges capital for each subject.
* There is no Terms & Conditions apply.

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